Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Edit your photos as you wish | Picmonkey


You can edit your photos as you wish by using tolls which are given by this website. Also you can upload any format of photos and edit them. After you edit the photo then download it. This is a free web service and you will not want to be registered. Just go to Picmonkey.com.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Basic knowledge of Visual Basic | Visual Basic 02

Before creating a program you should have a knowledge about VB (Visual Basic). So let's discuss about basic things in VB.

First of all open VB. Then you will see a slash screen. This is known as "New Project" dialog box. There are three tabs named NEW, EXISTING and RECENT.

NEW tab          - This is selected default. We can start a new project using this.
EXISTING tab - This tab is used to develop programs which are created b you before.
RECENT tab    - You can see your recent creations using this tab.

Now we are going to start a new project. So what should I select now? Yes. The NEW tab. Then select standard exe. We can create programs which can run without the help of any software using this exe type. You can see a page like this after clicking open.

Now you know how to start a project. I will discuss about tool bars and menus in VB in the next post. Try yourself to understand them. But I also discuss about them. So good bye. Don't forget to leave a comment about my post.

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