Monday, October 1, 2012

Basic knowledge of Visual Basic | Visual Basic 02

Before creating a program you should have a knowledge about VB (Visual Basic). So let's discuss about basic things in VB.

First of all open VB. Then you will see a slash screen. This is known as "New Project" dialog box. There are three tabs named NEW, EXISTING and RECENT.

NEW tab          - This is selected default. We can start a new project using this.
EXISTING tab - This tab is used to develop programs which are created b you before.
RECENT tab    - You can see your recent creations using this tab.

Now we are going to start a new project. So what should I select now? Yes. The NEW tab. Then select standard exe. We can create programs which can run without the help of any software using this exe type. You can see a page like this after clicking open.

Now you know how to start a project. I will discuss about tool bars and menus in VB in the next post. Try yourself to understand them. But I also discuss about them. So good bye. Don't forget to leave a comment about my post.


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