Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is Visual Basic? | Visual Basic 01

Hi guys! This is my first post on this blog. I'm going to teach you Visual Basic and some other softwares step by step. So this is the first lesson for Visual Basic. Let's start.

What is Programming?

So many people don't like to learn programming, because they think that it is very difficult. I will teach you it with some funny activities. So remember you are a little programmer from now on. Don't think it's difficult. If you have the devotion and the endeavour you can be a great programmer easily.

About Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a very popular programming language in the world, because it is very easy to study. There is a another reason. That is the VB has relationship with MS Office package. We can create softwares that works on windows. They can be very simple softwares or very difficult ones.

Many people has installed Visual Basic 6.0 on their computers. So I will teach these lessons in VB 6.0. First install VB on your computer. That is like normal softwares. So I don't explain how to install. Then you should have a knowledge about Visual Basic interface and other things (menus, tool bars etc.). So I will discuss about those things in next few lessons. Get ready for that. Till then Good bye for you all. Don't forget to Leave your comments about this blog and this post.


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