Thursday, January 31, 2013

Add a beautiful Image slide show gadget to your blog

Hi guys, I have brought a nice gadget for you. You can add your favourite posts. This will make your blog more attractive. If you like this gadget, I can help you to add this to your blog. Lets start.

First go to Layout >> Edit HTML. Remember to Tick on Expand widget templates. Then press Ctrl+F. Then you will see a search bar.

Type </head> on the search box. Then you can see this code will be highlighted on your html box. Now paste this above the </head> code.

<!--SLIDE-SHOW-STARTS--><br /> <!-- JavaScripts--><br /> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><br /> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><br /> <script type="text/javascript"><br /> $(document).ready(function() {<br /> $('#slider').s3Slider({<br /> timeOut: 3000<br /> });<br /> });<br /> </script><br /> <!-- CSS --><br /> <style type="text/css" media="screen"><br /> #slider {<br /> width: 410px; /* important to be same as image width */<br /> height: 300px; /* important to be same as image height */<br /> position: relative; /* important */<br /> overflow: hidden; /* important */<br /> }<br /> #sliderContent {<br /> width: 410px; /* important to be same as image width or wider */<br /> position: absolute;<br /> top: 0;<br /> margin-left: 0;<br /> }<br /> .sliderImage {<br /> float: left;<br /> position: relative;<br /> display: none;<br /> }<br /> .sliderImage span {<br /> position: absolute;<br /> font: 10px/15px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;<br /> padding: 10px 13px;<br /> width: 384px;<br /> background-color: #000;<br /> filter: alpha(opacity=70);<br /> -moz-opacity: 0.7;<br /> -khtml-opacity: 0.7;<br /> opacity: 0.7;<br /> color: #fff;<br /> display: none;<br /> }<br /> .clear {<br /> clear: both;<br /> }<br /> .sliderImage span strong {<br /> font-size: 14px;<br /> }<br /> .top {<br /> top: 0;<br /> left: 0;<br /> }<br /> .bottom {<br /> bottom: 0;<br /> left: 0;<br /> }<br /> ul { list-style-type: none;}<br /> </style><br /> <!--SLIDE-SHOW-STOPS-4-HELP->

Now save the template. Now go to  Layout >> Page Element >> Add a gadget >> "Html/java script"
and get a new java script. Copy and paste the code shown below to that java script.

<div id="slider"><ul id="sliderContent"><li class="sliderImage"><a href=""><img src="images/410/1.jpg" alt="1" /></a><span class="top"><strong>Title text 1</strong><br />Content text...</span></li><li class="sliderImage"><a href=""><img src="images/410/2.jpg" alt="2" /></a><span class="top"><strong>Title text 2</strong><br />Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...Content text...</span></li><li class="sliderImage"><img src="images/410/3.jpg" alt="3" /><span class="bottom"><strong>Title text 3</strong><br />Content text...</span></li><li class="sliderImage"><img src="images/410/4.jpg" alt="4" /><span class="bottom"><strong>Title text 4</strong><br />Content text...</span></li><li class="sliderImage"><img src="images/410/5.jpg" alt="5" /><span class="top"><strong>Title text 5</strong><br />Content text...</span></li><div class="clear sliderImage"></div></ul></div>

Now save the template. Then its finished.


In the code add the link of the photo that you want to upload on the places Written with red.
Add the name of the post to the places written in green.
Add a little description to the place written in blue.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introduction to Visual Basic | Visual Basic 01

Hi guys, I have decided to write the visual basic lessons again. Lets start from the begining. 

A brief description of Visual Basic

VISUAL BASIC® is a high level programming language evolved from the earlier DOS
version called BASIC. BASIC stands for Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction
Code. The program codes in Visual Basic resemble the English language. Different
software companies produce different versions of BASIC, such as Microsoft®
Visual Basic is a fairly easy programming language and it is for anybody who is
interested in programming but lacks professional training in software engineering.
Learning VISUAL BASIC will help young children to improve their logical thinking
skills and develop their minds. You can choose to program in VISUAL BASIC purely
for fun and enjoyment or create more advanced applications such as educational
courseware and commercial software.
VISUAL BASIC is a visual and events driven programming Language. These are the
main divergences from the old BASIC. In BASIC, programming is done in a textbased
environment and the program is executed sequentially. In VISUAL BASIC,
programming is done in a graphical environment. In old BASIC, you have to write a
text-based procedure to design the interface, but Visual Basic enables you to design
the interface by dragging and resizing the objects as well as changing their colors,
just like any windowsĂ’-based programs.
Visual Basic is event-driven because users may click on a certain object randomly,
so each object has to be programmed independently to be able to response to those
actions (events). Examples of events are clicking a command button, entering text
into a text box, selecting an item in a list box etc. Therefore, a VISUAL BASIC
Program is made up of many subprograms, each with its own program code which
can be executed independently and at the same time can be linked together in one
way or another.

Lets talk about Visual Basic environment in the next post. Good bye.


Final Image

Start with a new black document. Mine is 1024×768.

Before you can do anything you will need the Star Wars Font. I found it on here. Now write your text. What I have in mind is to make a nice grunge text to use for a Clone Wars Poster.

Double click on the layer to enter the Blending Options menu. Here use my settings:

Set the Fill of the layer to 0%.

Next I will add some more text and place it on the bottom of the Clone Wars text. Also I will use some different settings:

In the next step I will use the Rectangle Tool to make some simple shapes.

 Now for all these 3 shapes add my settings for the Blending Options.

Make a new layer over all the layers and name it Gold. Ctrl + Click on all the layer thumbnails to make a selection.

Next go to Select – Modify – Expand and use 3 pixels.

Create a new layer called gold by pressing ctrl+shift+n (for PC) or command+shift+n (for mac) Make sure you have the Gold layer selected. Set the foreground color to #fcff00 and fill the Gold layer with this color.

Set the layer to Soft Light and Opacity to 35%.

Make a new layer and name it texture. Fill the layer with #7e4f2f. Next go to Filter – Noise – Add noise and use my settings.

Next go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur and again use my settings:

Next you need to add one more effect to this texture. Go to Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask and again use my settings:

Ctrl + Click on the Gold layer thumbnail to make a selection. Now that the text is selected make sure you have the texture layer selected and Add a layer Mask. Last set the layer to Overlay.

Next I will bring in a texture that I found on this link: 5 I have imported the texture to the document and resized it so it will fit into my image size. Next you need to go to Image – Adjustments – Desaturate to make the image Black and White. Sorry, the link is not working now :( You add another texture of a broken glass. :D

Again as we did with the first texture we need to make a selection of the text and Add a Mask to the layer. So please do that right now. Basically you will repeat Step 16 but this time for a different layer.

The last thing we will do for this second texture is to set it to 63% Opacity and Overlay.

You are finished. If you want you can add some more lights or shadows to the text.

Tutorial is taken from

Friday, January 25, 2013

Add all of your friends to your group easily


Hi guys, I came here with a new trick for you. Let's start the lesson. This trick still working on the new version of mozilla firefox.

Go to your group using firefox.

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+K

Copy and paste the script code given below.

Then press enter key.

Enjoy !!!

Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in Computer Windows ???

Download this Ready-made Registry script.rar

Extract the file.

1st step: Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2nd Step: File > Import > Select the extracted File > Open > Save .

3rd Step: Restart the System.

Enjoy . . . !!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Activate Windows 8 with OEM key (when you do not know where to find). v1

This is a Technicians Only Document !!!
Applies to: OEM Versions of Windows 8

This document is under version control. Thos post is not about activating your pirate version of Windows.
Others: I am not a slave of Microsoft :D

Reusing OEM Key in Windows 8 series - Also includes how to locate Windows 8 key.

With the Windows 8 release Microsoft had introduced some new and improved activation technologies. This time they have come up with OA3 (OEM Activation 3). This is a method that OEMs use to inject the product key to hardware and use it to activate Windows (o/l or off/l). Each key is unique.,16636.html

Not like the earlier SLIC hacks, this, according to MS, is more difficult to crack (although it is not 100% true as usual).

SLIC can be used to activate Windows 7 and earlier versions. The famous Windows Loader uses the same thing to activate pirate versions of Windows.

Now, the problem is, Win 8 keys will NOT be displayed as sticker. However, you must check whether your branded machine has Authenticity sticker.

If you ever need to activate Windows again, you will be walking into a mess. Where to find the key, how to activate, which version to install? Lots of questions to be answred.

If you have a recovery media (unfortunately, recovery media will not be made available, non for free as well. Just a hidden partition). However, if you own one, you do not have any issue.
If you do not have the recovery partition (formatted), and you do not have the recovery media, now what?
Also note that UEFI interfaces (no legacy BIOS anymore in the future), does not allow USB boot. Not yet. Either you have to turn legacy BIOS on or use a DVD instead.

Use this utility to locate your unique product key:
Install and run.
Go to ACPI tables (check the tooltip for info).
Go to MSMD table. From there, you will find this unique key. If you do not see the key but some hexa decimals: Convert the last 29 pairs with a hex converter to ascii... you can also use this (I am not going to tell how):
Install Windows 8. You must follow these steps when you install Windows.
The media must match the SKU (Stock Keeping Units) and must match the SingleCoreLanguage version.
Open your ISO image file (use Daemon tools lite) and check whether you see an cfg file (ei.cfg). If you have, edit it, if you do not see, you need to extract the iso and create a file/use an injector to inject the file and reimage
Create the file with these lines:


(better to stick with the first one as this introduces complications but this has worked in some occations. Experiment with it)...

If you need to use a VLK Generic Key first, you need to set 0 to 1.

  9. Just install Windows (provide the key if asked to. Or, you can specify later).
10. The activation can happen automatically. If not, open a command prompt with admin permission.
11. Click Windows Key > Click cmd > Right click > Run as Admin.
12. type slmgr.vbs /dlv to check license. If it says licensed, no worries. You will also see the very last portion of the serial number (OEM Key).
13. If not activated, but you can see the product key, type slmgr.vbs -ato (not for the people who specified a generic vlk key at the installation). This could be doen even if you are offline.
14. If you do not see a product key, you have to specify the key. slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and press enter. If you receive an error, your Windows version is not the excat what you had earlier.
15. If you recieve no errors, type slmgr.vbs -ato and press enter. Ignore the errors if happen. Wait for some time and check the /dlv (step 12).
16. To remove the generic key and specify the unique OEM key: slmgr.vbs -upk and press enter. And then follow step 14 and below.

Other utilities:
OA3 Tool for Intel® Integrator Toolkit 5.0:

I will include how to activate Windows 7 with an OEM key or certificate in a next post. This is not a cracking tutorial but an experimental for viewers. As we already know it is possible to trick Windows 7 activation already.

Get Free facebook Likes Tute + New Fast Bot (script) 100%

  • Requirements:
    Fansbox Account : Click here
    My Java script : My java Script

    1.Open Firefox then download the Imacros plugin link above.

    2.Now download my Javascript.

    3.Once downloaded go to documents-->imacros-->Macros-->Demo-Firefox and drop the
    download fansboxbot.js script file in here should look similar to this..

    4.Now close Firefox and open it again so the js file will be in imacros.

    5.Go to Fansbox 2.0 and "Allow" the app.

    6.Now go to Settings on Fansbox then Add your page by "Switch page" and click "save changes".

    7.Now open up a new tab on firefox and login with you facebook account .

    8.Doubleclick the imacros icon
    top right corner of your firefox page blue icon then a imacros tab should appear
    left hand side of the browser

    9.Now double click Demo-Firefox then double click fansboxbot.js .

    10.Now just type in there 5 and click okay

    11.Now this will just start earning you points and because you added your fanpage at the beggining
    of the tutorial you will now constantly get likes as long as your bot is running.
    enjoy !

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Norton Internet Security Trial Re-setter

Norton Internet Security rial is expired??? Don't worry. I will tell you the way to activate it for another 30 days, step by step.

01. Uninstall Norton Internet Security
02. Now restart the computer in the safe mode.
03. Now run [1 BOX_NTR2012.exe  NIS 2012 -
                                                           NIS 2013 -
04. Click ok and restart the computer normally.
05. Then install Norton Internet Security again.

Now see trial is activated for another 30 days. :D

06. Then go to Norton Internet Security and then go to <Settings> <General> <Product Security>
      Turn OFF [Norton Product Tamper Protection]

Monday, January 14, 2013

50 000 facebook emails list for FREE

I have an email list of 50,000 facebook emails. This list is fresh and has never been shared before since it is created by me. No duplicates. No bad emails. So this is a great chance for you. Download the list from the link below. [[Not for a long time]]

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