Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Free facebook Likes Tute + New Fast Bot (script) 100%

  • Requirements:
    Fansbox Account : Click here
    My Java script : My java Script

    1.Open Firefox then download the Imacros plugin link above.

    2.Now download my Javascript.

    3.Once downloaded go to documents-->imacros-->Macros-->Demo-Firefox and drop the
    download fansboxbot.js script file in here should look similar to this..

    4.Now close Firefox and open it again so the js file will be in imacros.

    5.Go to Fansbox 2.0 and "Allow" the app.

    6.Now go to Settings on Fansbox then Add your page by "Switch page" and click "save changes".

    7.Now open up a new tab on firefox and login with you facebook account .

    8.Doubleclick the imacros icon
    top right corner of your firefox page blue icon then a imacros tab should appear
    left hand side of the browser

    9.Now double click Demo-Firefox then double click fansboxbot.js .

    10.Now just type in there 5 and click okay

    11.Now this will just start earning you points and because you added your fanpage at the beggining
    of the tutorial you will now constantly get likes as long as your bot is running.
    enjoy !


Anonymous said...

It's not working. It opens the FB pages, but the bot does not "click" like. So all it does is opening alot of pages doing nothing.

Marie Jones said...

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Aqib Ahmad said...

Sadiqur Rahman said...

Old method. buy facebook likes and that method effective then others :)

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